Tuesday, November 2, 2010

spray on T-shirt

This is design were you just spray on a t-shirt. The spray contains short fibers of polymers that are mixed with a solvent that helps turn the clothing to a liquid form. The fibers in the spray bind together making a piece of fabric that can be peeled off and put in the closet. It is washable. It can be cotton, wool, acrylic, and can be any color you want. It can be made thicker by making more layers. That means it can be made for many types of weather. The reason it cannot hit the market yet is because it has some problems. One of them is the smell after you spray on the material. Also it is very snug which many people will not like. The designer of these spray on cloths thinks that one day it can become a spray on bandage that will not hurt the wound when you spray it on.


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