Saturday, November 27, 2010

Science ''Making Water Wetter'' Reflection

In class we were doing a lab called ''Making Water Wetter.'' In this lab we were learning about cohesion and surface tension.
Cohesion- The intermolecular force that holds together molecules in a solid ot liquid.
Surface tension- surface tension is a force present within the surface layer of a liquid that causes the layer to behave as an elastic sheet.

We had to write our hypothesis and the observations we saw when we were doing this lab. We also had partners, my partner was Alfie. What we did in the lab was have to put different types of liquid on a coin and record the number of drops that fell on the coin. The second part was using wax paper, and we put different types of liquid on it, and used a toothpick to spread the water around the wax paper, by doing that we see which ones have a higher surface tension and which one shave a lower surface tension.

My hypothesis was that by changing the type of liquid, you change the surface tension, my hypothesis was correct. Some observation I made were that more drops of plane water could fit on the coin rather than putting the coin in soap, taking out, and then putting water on it. When there was just water, the bubble of water on the coin popped, and with the soap the water drops just glided right off the coin and onto the paper towel. When me and Alfie were doing wax paper, the regular water had the most surface tension because we could move it around the most, what would happen was it would hold a certain amount, and then it would drop all the water and start collecting water again, and then it would repeat, that is cohesion. The second liquid with the second highest surface tension was the ''unknown liquid.'' Then it was the green soap that had the least surface tension.

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