Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gold Particles make trees become a source of Light

There is a new theory that nano gold particles could be a source of green energy that could make our trees street lights. A Taiwanese scientist came up with idea. We are researching to find a new substitute for LED (Light emitting diode) that is commonly used for street lights. Using LED is very efficient, but it uses phosphor powder to emit lights at different wavelengths, that is not only expensive it is very toxic. The gold, when testing, reacted to the chlorophyll (what makes the plant green) and caused a red glow on the leaves. The radiance also makes an energy source that allows the leaves to photosynthesizes at night, and that takes in the carbon dioxide and releases the fresh oxygen and makes the air we breath even more healthier. The idea is still in process and there are still many flaws with this idea, such as the huge expenses of gold!!! There are so many problems and things that have to be done that it might never happen, but the idea is still great.


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