Saturday, November 27, 2010

Science ''Making Water Wetter'' Reflection

In class we were doing a lab called ''Making Water Wetter.'' In this lab we were learning about cohesion and surface tension.
Cohesion- The intermolecular force that holds together molecules in a solid ot liquid.
Surface tension- surface tension is a force present within the surface layer of a liquid that causes the layer to behave as an elastic sheet.

We had to write our hypothesis and the observations we saw when we were doing this lab. We also had partners, my partner was Alfie. What we did in the lab was have to put different types of liquid on a coin and record the number of drops that fell on the coin. The second part was using wax paper, and we put different types of liquid on it, and used a toothpick to spread the water around the wax paper, by doing that we see which ones have a higher surface tension and which one shave a lower surface tension.

My hypothesis was that by changing the type of liquid, you change the surface tension, my hypothesis was correct. Some observation I made were that more drops of plane water could fit on the coin rather than putting the coin in soap, taking out, and then putting water on it. When there was just water, the bubble of water on the coin popped, and with the soap the water drops just glided right off the coin and onto the paper towel. When me and Alfie were doing wax paper, the regular water had the most surface tension because we could move it around the most, what would happen was it would hold a certain amount, and then it would drop all the water and start collecting water again, and then it would repeat, that is cohesion. The second liquid with the second highest surface tension was the ''unknown liquid.'' Then it was the green soap that had the least surface tension.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Will drillinga Volcanoe save Naple?

This city is near Mount Vesuvius. This volcano has erupted 50 times since 79 A.D. That was when it hit Pompeii. Now scientists are trying to figure out when the next major eruption will be so that they can save Naples. Geologists are planning to drill down 4,000 meters (13,000 ft.) in the volcano to save Naples and its people. What they will then do is collect a lot of magma so that it can not erupt as much as it should. There is a possibility that it will not work because all the equpment has not been used in such hot temperatures. There is a bigger fear, that when drilling it might cause an eruption and earthquake sooner. For now we all have to keep our finger crossed, hope for the best, and see what happens next. (cool video about it) (article link)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Food Coloring and Water Reflection

We did an experiment in class with blue food coloring and water. The temperatures of each water was different, we had hot water, cold water, and room temperature water. The particles in each water were different. The molecules move faster in hot water the heat is giving the molecules more energy and the temperature of the water is higher. Temperature is the measure of average kinetic energy of the atoms. Also the density is lower and causes the molecules to move around more, also partly because of evaporation that the molecules are less dense. In room temperature water the molecules move faster than cold water because the hotter the water the more energy, the more energy, the faster the molecules move. Molecules in cold water move, but not fast because there is less heat and that means less energy, and energy determines the speed of the molecules. What happened to the cold water when we added the blue food coloring was it just went down in a straight line. Also it took the longest in cold water because it is the most dense. In the room temperature water the food coloring went to the bottom and top and then the top and bottom worked their way to the middle. The speed movement of the dye was in the middle because of the density, not high and not low. The hot water spread the dye as it went down, it also spread the fastest because it is the lest dense and has the most room for the blue food coloring.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gold Particles make trees become a source of Light

There is a new theory that nano gold particles could be a source of green energy that could make our trees street lights. A Taiwanese scientist came up with idea. We are researching to find a new substitute for LED (Light emitting diode) that is commonly used for street lights. Using LED is very efficient, but it uses phosphor powder to emit lights at different wavelengths, that is not only expensive it is very toxic. The gold, when testing, reacted to the chlorophyll (what makes the plant green) and caused a red glow on the leaves. The radiance also makes an energy source that allows the leaves to photosynthesizes at night, and that takes in the carbon dioxide and releases the fresh oxygen and makes the air we breath even more healthier. The idea is still in process and there are still many flaws with this idea, such as the huge expenses of gold!!! There are so many problems and things that have to be done that it might never happen, but the idea is still great.

Monday, November 15, 2010

So I am going to talk about mixtures. ''
  • Suspension:

    The ingredients are (stirred) in. If left alone, they will settle out. The heavier ingredient will settle to the bottom. Filtration can separate the two ingredients. An example would be dirt mixed with water.

  • Colloidal:

    The size of the solute is smaller than in a suspension, but greater than in a solution (see below). The solute breaks down but remains as a clump of molecules and is smaller than the eye can see. Colloids are a bit unusual in that the solute is equally dispersed in the solvent as in a solution, but the solute does not completely break down. In many cases this is because something coats the bits of solute and prevents them from completely dissolving in the solvent. An example would be mayonnaise, jello or oobleck

  • Solution:

    ''The solute and solvent are dissolved and cannot be separated unless one of the ingredients changes state of matter. ie. distilation, (evaporating) or crystallation. An example would be salt and water.''

  • -
The two general types of mixtures, homogeneous and heterogeneous. A homogeneous mixture is all liquid or all solid, not bits of anything and example is apple juice, you do not see any particles of apples. A heterogeneous mixture is when it is mixed (such as a solid in a liquid, a liquid in a solid, or a liquid and gas), for example a smoothie, it can have pieces of the fruit that it was made of. You can also say that a homogeneous mixture is the same throughout and can be evenly mixed and a heterogeneous mixture can be easily separated.


salty water (dissolved)
sugar water (dissolved)
brewed tea or coffee
brass (a buttery yellow alloy of zinc and copper

  • Salad
  • Sandwich
  • Solids
  • Liquids
  • Gases
  • Beach sand
  • tree
  • basically anything that has multiple parts
I hope that this gave you a good idea about mixtures, what they are, and the types of mixtures.

Oobleck Reflection
This is a video to show you what corn starch can do.
When i made oobleck what happened was when i held it in my hands and was doing something to it it stayed and the second I relaxed it became a complete liquid and flew down. Also when i pounded it, it w2as a solid and when i dipped my hand in it, it was a liquid.When we did this is class me and my partner put to much water in the corn starch. The corn starch made it softer and more liquid like than all the other ones. Then we took some water out and it became harder. In the end we were pretty successful. Now it is drying and becoming corn starch again!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Corn Starch and Water Reflection

When we did this is class me and my partner put to much water in the corn starch. The corn starch made it softer and more liquid like than all the other ones. Then we took some water out and it became harder. In the end we were pretty successful. Now it is drying and becoming corn starch again!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Can Jellyfish Protein Power Nano Medical Devises?

People at Sweden's Chalmers University of Technology think and belive that jellyfish protein can power medical devises with nanotechnology. The Swedish scientists extracted jellyfish protein from from Jellyfish Aequorea Victoria, a glow in the dark animal and the protein in a florescent green. This animal is found in the west cost of North America, when the florescent green protein was exposed to very bright and violent light. The electrons flow through a circuit that makes a tiny solar cell that creates electricity, measuring tens of nano amperes. Even tought the amount thta comes out is not a lot in a couple of years it will become much more. The nanotechnology made from the protein of jellyfish will fight things such as tumors or reverse blindness. The process of main nanotechnology has been slow, due to the lack of a good and reliable power source. Please comment an tell me what you think also here is the link from where I got this info.

Flamingos use make-up!!!!!

We are humans, and we have been using make-up for millenniums. Now Flamingos also do. They have a pink oil that comes out from their tail and have figured out that if they role themselves for a long period of time and leave it on that it will make their feathers even more pink and that will make them more attractive! flamingos are always doing this because the sun makes the pink color go away very fast. What is even more shocking is that when it comes to matting season it helps them vigorously. We have seemed to notice that the ''pinkest'' female always lays her eggs first. Now you see that it is not only humans who care about how they look, Flamingos also do! Isn't this cool? Please comment and tell me what you think here is the link from where I got my information.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This is the glolg that I made on my essay, I wrote my essay on desalination and I just toook out the important and main parts of my essay and put them in. My Glog is done in an organized manner and I hope that from this you get a good and rough idea of what desalination is, and if you liked it then you can read my essay, which you can see at school. Also my Glog has some good images which I hope will help you understand even better what desalination is. I also put some stuff on there that is not directly related to desalination, but you need to know that stuff so that you understand desalination. I am hoping that you now might be interested in desalination and go on and do some research yourself. Not only do I thin my Glog is informational, it looks nice to.

coffee and robots

If you fill a small bag of coffee it acts like an extra hand to the robot. It can pick up many things without a problem. It is just a simple gripper that is made from a bag of coffee grounds and vacuum. The way the robot moves any object from a liquid-acting to solid shape is using a processes called jamming. The gripper's bulb sticks to any shape evenly before the vacuum jams it. The first reason it was invented was to pick up stuff that you do not know what you are dealing with. It is different from our hand because it grips the object from a very different angle. It cam even pick up a raw egg! Is that not cool? The gripper has to apply pressure to the object to mold its shape. Not to little pressure or it will not hold the object, and not to much pressure or then it might break the object.

The 36 million old RED peniguin

Paleontologists in Peru found almost a full skeleton of a 36 million year old penguin. It Is the not the traditional black and white, these ones were reddish-brown and gray. They could weigh up to 150 lbs. or pounds. That is about twice the size of an Emperor penguin, which is the largest penguin species alive. They could grow up to five feet tall!!!! Scientists were able to find their color because of imprints of feathers found in rocks around the fossils. Scientists believe that the reason penguins, now a-days are black and white is because of camouflage. It helps them hide from predators such as seals, which did not exist one hundred years ago. The name of this type of pre historic penguin is Inkayacu paracasensis or Water King. I think these penguins were a very interesting type of penguin. I think that maybe one of the reasons the penguins were reddish-brown and grey was maybe to camouflage from the predators in their surroundings.

A cool link

Guys, you should really check this link out it is really interesting, its main topic is about a boat made out of ice!!!!

spray on T-shirt

This is design were you just spray on a t-shirt. The spray contains short fibers of polymers that are mixed with a solvent that helps turn the clothing to a liquid form. The fibers in the spray bind together making a piece of fabric that can be peeled off and put in the closet. It is washable. It can be cotton, wool, acrylic, and can be any color you want. It can be made thicker by making more layers. That means it can be made for many types of weather. The reason it cannot hit the market yet is because it has some problems. One of them is the smell after you spray on the material. Also it is very snug which many people will not like. The designer of these spray on cloths thinks that one day it can become a spray on bandage that will not hurt the wound when you spray it on.

The pattern

All of them have a definite mass. Heating goes from (gas) expands real large, (liquid) to expands slightly, and (solid) expands real low. Also for compressibility it goes from (gas) easily compressible, to (liquid) low compressibility, to (solid) to almost no compressibility


State of Matter








An indefinite volume

Has a definite mass

An indefinite shape

Easily compressible

It expands real large

Oxygen, Helium, and carbon dioxide


A definite volume

Has a definite mass

An indefinite shape

Low compressibility

Expands slightly

Coke, water, Fanta


Has a definite volume

has a definite mass

Has a definite shape

Almost no compressibility

Expands real low

Wood, brick, glass, and rubber

What I learned about Matter

Matter is anything that has mass. Mass is the amount of matter in an object. Everything is matter. The difference between mass and weight is that weight is the amount something weighs due to gravity. For example, and average adult on earth can weigh about 130 pounds, but on the moon or another planet they can weigh more or less depending on the size, there is no less of the person but due to gravity they weigh more or less. Matter can take a form of a solid, liquid, or gas. Atoms of a solid are packed tightly together. The atoms of a liquid move close together. The atoms of a gas move freely. Matter is made up of atoms.That is what I learned so far, but hope to earn more!

what I already know about matter

I do not know much at all about matter but I plan to learn more about it this year.

Science goals

my goals for science are to be organized and get good grades on tests. I also hope to be able to make correct measurements this year when mixing chemicals. I can not wait to complete these goals and when i do I will make new goals