Sunday, November 21, 2010

Food Coloring and Water Reflection

We did an experiment in class with blue food coloring and water. The temperatures of each water was different, we had hot water, cold water, and room temperature water. The particles in each water were different. The molecules move faster in hot water the heat is giving the molecules more energy and the temperature of the water is higher. Temperature is the measure of average kinetic energy of the atoms. Also the density is lower and causes the molecules to move around more, also partly because of evaporation that the molecules are less dense. In room temperature water the molecules move faster than cold water because the hotter the water the more energy, the more energy, the faster the molecules move. Molecules in cold water move, but not fast because there is less heat and that means less energy, and energy determines the speed of the molecules. What happened to the cold water when we added the blue food coloring was it just went down in a straight line. Also it took the longest in cold water because it is the most dense. In the room temperature water the food coloring went to the bottom and top and then the top and bottom worked their way to the middle. The speed movement of the dye was in the middle because of the density, not high and not low. The hot water spread the dye as it went down, it also spread the fastest because it is the lest dense and has the most room for the blue food coloring.

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