Sunday, October 30, 2011

One Man's Quest To Restore Florida's Coral Reef.

Ken Nedimyer is a man who's goal is to restore and save Florida's Coral Reef(s). When he was thirteen his whole family went on vacation to Florida and then he went back to   Florida for collage and stayed to live there. In 1977 some cold fronts hit Florida and the Staghorn and Elkhorn coral that wasn't killed was terribly wekend and later got infected with White Band Disease. And just as the coral started to get better in 1985 two hurricanes hit Florida and killed a lot of the coral, this put them on the endangered list. Ken and his Daughter decided to grow back, artificially, 
this coral and then place it back in the ocean. They got her high school to do it as a project and it was incredibly successful and after that they decided they waned to continue on with this project. Finally in 2004 they got their first 
granted permission from Florida Keys National Marine to start a project. Now in 2011 there is much improvement, however it may not be back to normal yet, but we have re grown and re planted coral over the entire Florida Reef Tract all the way to the US Virgin Islands 

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  1. That is cool. This man might love corals and that is why he did this. Good job