Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mock Mission to Mars Article Summary and Reflection

Mock Mission to Mars is a Dogo News Article from here It was published on November 6th 2011
In this article they talk about how the European Space Agency (ESA) had six very brave astronauts  who agreed to do a pretend trip to mars They were sealed in a 1,000 square feet for five hundred and twenty days. They were all from different nations and the only form of contact that they had with the outside world was through via time-delayed e-mail or through the mission controllers. Because this was all they would have if they were really to go to mars. Just think of having to sort our how much food was allowed to be eaten and how much water was allowed to be used throughout the day. You had to think also for the water extra because there was a greenhouse for growing fruits and vegetables, so you would have to calculate how much water would be used for growing fruits and vegys and how much would have been used for daily consumption. Also becuase of this ti has allowed us to get many answers to mnay questiosn that we were not sure of for when in decades to come, we would actually travel to mars. For example, we did not know how people would act in a confined space for such a long time.

However, I do ask my self some questions. Could they leave when they wanted to, and could I ever do that?? I would think that is something dreadful happened, for a close member of the family or friend died, you could leave, or you just simply coukdnt bear not being with your familt any more, or you just wanted to leave, you could. Personally I do not think I could ever stand that. Being away from my family and friends for that long would be impossible. Also I was wondering if those astronauts knew each other and were friends, or they simply only met for this project. But cootos to them!!

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