Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dirt: the Movie

The movie that we watched in Science class about dirt was a very interesting video. There were many valid points in it such as how we need so save the dirt and make it as it once was; fertile, moist, healthy, and a good source for growing our food. Due to modern technology and chemicals used to preserve the food and kill the pests with pesticides it has caused harm to the soil, filled the food with toxins, and harmed the hydrological cycle, also harmed humans health, because they toxins get into the air and we breath the air and that can harm our bodies and possibly give us future cancer. Birth defects sometimes also occur here is an example:
This baby was born with no arms or legs because of what pesticides did to her mother while she was carrying. No one should suffer from birth defects or health problems because the industry wants to make some more money. However, they do benefit us as well, they allow us to grow more crops, faster, and makes them cheaper as well for less fortunate families and individuals.

Also look at the people who spray the pesticides on crops. Depending on the part of the world you live in, some are better equipped than other, for example, in India and China those workers are not at all protected and there is a high chance that they may get a fatal disease later in their life and may weaken their organs, such as their lungs and heart, and lower their immune system, who also work for very little amounts of money. While someone in America may be equipped with gloves, masks, and protection from the toxins sprayed. They may not get sick due to toxins, because they have the proper tool and equipment. So compare these two men and how their lives may be differ. Think of the man with all the proper tool and equipment, and how his future health may be, and how the man with no proper tools or equipments future health may be. This video about dirt was very informative, however to biased I think. It favored one side over the other, which is ok, as long as you give the positives and negative's of BOTH side. This video only focused on the positives of their opinion and the negatives of what they are against. They did not stat any of their negative's or positives of their opposing side. For me to form an opinion I would need to hear something more only stating the facts, not opinions,

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