Thursday, May 5, 2011

Who Owns the Ocenas Minerlas?

In the world there are wealthy countries and less wealthy countries. To mine in the ocean a country needs to be wealthy and have a coast line, countries with no coast line have a harder time mining the oceans minerals. The reason a country has to be wealthy to mine in the ocean is because to mine the oceans minerals  high-tech, complex, and expensive machinery is required. It is the cheapest to mine at the continental shelf because it is shallow and the deeper you mine the more expensive it is because you need bigger, more complex, and high-tech machinery.

In the year of 1944 the world made a treaty called the international seas and they made limits to how much a country could claim. In the treaty it said that no country could have an entire ocean to itself and that they had to share. They said it was an internationals water way. That means that that they are international waters and they belong to every country in the world. Also the little bit of water in between two pieces or areas of land are still counted as international waters, because they are so useful. E.E.Z. which stands for exclusive economic zones are extending the right to get minerals offshore. Also there was a law made that said you could not test nuclear power in international waters. In World War II the continental shelf was used by people as something to use a land grab.
                                                                                              The image below is the Arctic

 There is global warming in the world, the reason we are not sure of. Some people who are greedy with minerals think that as a good thing, but I think of it as a bad thing because it causes animals to die and the pollution in the air also causes animals to suffer and die. There is also 25% untapped oil and natural gas, but however it is underneath the ocean floor. The reason some selfish people think it is good is because then they can have another ocean where they can mine and get minerals from.
                                                                   The image below shows you the location of the Pacific
In the Pacific Ocean we mine there for, mostly, salt because it has a large amount of it and is easy to get. Salt is a very important substance that we use every day in food, preserving things, cleaning, on roadways, and more. Where we get and take the most salt from is Mexico. In the Pacific you can also find Lead, Bromine, and Magnesium. Mining in the Pacific Ocean is very important because we use many minerals that come from the Pacific ocean every day.

                                                                The image below shows you where the Atlantic is located

Some of the most common minerals found in the Atlantic are Calcite, Limestone, and Dolomite. Those are very important minerals to everyday life because we use them in so many things. From all over the world people are fighting for them because they have many multiple values in them. And some examples are that the uses for calcite are medicine, toothpaste, and building materials. There are also more. Limestone is used in the purification of sugar, making paper white, medicine, and is aggregated in concrete, and those are only some of the hundreds of uses it has. 

Because of all these debates you may ask who owns the minerals. Well in my opinion I think that no one owns them. I do have a solution though, for example poor countries can trade with countries who boarded the ocean, and wealthy countries can pay countries who border the ocean to mine there.

To conclude this I think that the minerals belong to everyone, but some boundaries have to be made. I also think that the oceans do not belong to anyone. I hope that after reading this you formed an opinion, changed your opinion, or had more to back up your opinion!

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