Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mining Minerals In California

California has a lot of mining in it. Some minerals that are mined there are Gypsum, mica, and silver. Even though California is called the Golden state and had a gold rush in the mid-eighteen hundreds, does not mean it is rich in Gold today. The reason there is not so much Gold in California now is because there were some extreme environmental flunkies. Some other minerals that are found in California are; Asbestos; Borax; Bromine; Clay; Copper; ; ; Iron Ore; Lead; Lithium Magnesium; Marble; Mercury; Molybdenum; Natural Gas; Petroleum; Platinum; Potash; Rare Earths; Salt; Sand & Gravel (construction);  Stone (crushed); Talc; Tungsten; and Zinc. Those are some of the, but the most common ones are milky quartz, sulfur, talc, magnetite, actinolite, mica.In my opinion I think that California is rich in minerals. Also Since it is bordering the Pacific Ocean, it has access to mining the oceans minerals. I personally also think that California in very lucky to be bordering the Pacific Ocean because it can earn a lot of money from it. In conclusion I have decided that California is very rich in mining.

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