Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Marble Motion Lab Report

Guiding Question and Hypothesis
   Our guiding question to this lab was does the weight make the turns of the ball different, does it make it turn, go  straight, or swivel? I was curios about that because I know that when you blow air on something that it changes direction. It can either go straight, curved, or swivel off from side to side. My hypothesis was that the heavier things would go straight and the lighter objects can curve or swivel. 

Table/ Diagram
type of ball straws used length it went  weight 
big marble 2 straws 128 cm heavy
medium marble 1 straw more than 136 cm medium/ heavy 
small marble 1 straw 137 cm light
tennis ball 2 straws 70 cm light/ medium
small Styrofoam ball 1 straw 95 cm light
big Styrofoam ball 1 straw 137 cm light
ping pong ball 1 straw 137 cm light

Data Analysis
During this Lab I recorded how each ball traveled. The big marble was heavy, went 128 cm, and we used two straws, bust most of all was the way it traveled, it traveled in a curved fashion. The image to the right shows the way the big marble traveled. The average sized, or medium marble, was blown with one straw, it went more than 136 cm, and it weight was medium/ heavy, and it traveled straight, it did not swivel or curve.  It shows you below how the medium marble traveled
The small marble was blow with one straw, it went a distance of 137 cm, had a light weight and traveled straight. It shows you on the left how the small marble traveled. 

tennis ball
For the tennis ball we used 2 straws , it went 70 cm, it had a light/medium weight, and it traveled and a zigzagged or swirly way.   The image above shows you how it traveled. 

small Styrofoam ball

The small Styrofoam ball was blown with one straw, it moved 95 cm, it had a light weight, and as you can see, it traveled in a zigzagged and swirly manner. To the right there is an image showing you how the ball traveled. 

The image to my right is showing how the big Styrofoam ball traveled. It went in a zigzagged and swirly line. The distance it traveled was 137 cm and it has a light weight. 

The image to right shows you the ping pong ball. It went all zigzagged and curly swirly, it had a light weight, we used 1 straw, and it traveled 137 cm. 

I think that the mass of a marble does affect how it moves because the more density and mass it has the straighter it moves and the less of it it moves  more swirly, curved, or zigzagged. I think that when force is given to an object the motion that is happening is the wind is blowing on the object and forcing it forward.

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