Friday, January 14, 2011

What I learned this Week

This week in school I have learned about the layers of the Earth, Earths crust, and Earths structure. What the layers of Earth are the Crust, which is thin cool and hard rock, then there is the Mantle and it is gooey like hot tart and is at 1,200°C, and then goes the outer core and is made out of mixed metals, and then goes the inner core at 1,500°C and is made of only Iron (Fe). I got this from Bill Nye's video, but other sites vary their temperature and they are all very similar and different to the Bill Nye video. Also I learned that every year American the tectonic plates move about 1 inch every year!!!!!!!
What I would like to learn more about how rocks shape our Earths surface and other theories to to big bang. Also I know that every line on a rock shows the history and how different types of lines are formed. The rock cycle also interests me. I think that studying rocks is the most interesting because then you get to find out what country which rocks come from and how they are formed.


  1. Lots of good questions Tati!We will definitely learn more about the rock cycle! :)

  2. srry did not see this comment until today!!! and we did!!! srry :( but thx :)!!!