Monday, January 24, 2011

Crystal Garden

My Teacher, Mrs.M, has given us a project to do. It is called Crystal Garden. In this project we have to make a garden of all abiotic (non living) objects such as rocks, cotton balls, sticks, ect. With this garden we are going to make and we are going to grow crystals on them! Our teacher is making the solution for them. Some crystals are to be made out of sugar, some of salt, and other things.

For my garden I need:
1. clay (could not find regular clay so used the clay that they use for windows)
2. paint (to pain the clay to look like grass)
3. small stick
4. cotton balls (not pads)5. small stones (ones that are used in fish tanks)

My garden is based on the image below. Although I did do a few things differently, I did only trees, and no flowers. And you can also see the path leading down I made the whole path visible. We have to take this to class tomorrow and I also have to finish making my map! I will keep posting on any changes and will also post on how the crystals grow. Thanks for stopping by! Have a nice day.

Day 1

Today I finished adding the solutions to my garden and I also finished my map here is a quick snapshot of it. I did not notice any new observations except for the fact that a little bit of crystals grew, but they did not spread around the whole cotton ball.
Day 2

After seeing my garden, nothing new happened, when I look at it with a magnifying glass I see a little bit of improvement, but not that much and it is a little bit of a disappointment but hopefully they will grow!!!!!

Day 3

I just saw my garden........DISAPPOINTMENT, nothing, nothing at all has changed, I think that I have run out of solution, but according to the textbook the crystals should still continue to grow so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!

After 2 weeks of growing the crystals it was an utter fail nothing new grew! What the best solution was the the borax solution and the worst was the sugar solution. The easiest to grow was the borax and the slowest and most difficult were the sugar solution. What I think you need for the crystals to grow better than mine are leave them in a solution or keep adding a few drops every day. I know because the people who left it into a solution the crystal grew better, no one tried adding a few drops everyday, that is my prediction that it will grow better. This was my last blog post on the crystals if you deiced to do this project either take my suggestions or try another way to grow crystals. :D :) :P (:

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