Sunday, May 27, 2012

National Data Bouy Notes:

Hypothesis:  Before I went on the Buoy website I predicted that the biggest waves would be found in an ocean because that is a place where there are already natural waves and there are already animals living in there creating movement and there are rocks and coral already creating barriers and its just like one big wave experiment. Also I think it will be the;largest in the pacific ocean because the pacific ocean has the largest natural waves. 

Where are waves the highest and the lowest?
This website was a little but confusing and I wasn't exactly sure how to read it. But I am defiantly sure that the site shows many points are around America the west coast, Hawaii and there are also a lot on the East coast
What do you think makes them so high?  
What I think makes them very high is disturbance. Depending on the strength and size of it will effect the size and force of a wave. Also it depends on where it starts. Waves that are close to the shore are actually much more fierce then the waves far out because what happens is the waves build up and accumulates and then when it comes to the shore it breaks.
What types of buoys were they? 
I saw quit a few. I notices that there were some that were collecting data. Others would mark safe areas for swimming and others would have warnings. There were also ones that recorded the actual waves themselves. There were many others as well.
What atmospheric pressure or wind speed was at that location?
The location I chose was station 46086 NDBC and its atmospheric pressure is 30.03 in and the wind speed is 7.8 kt going to 11.7 kt

What causes waves to become so high or low?  
 What causes waves to be so high or low is disturbance and barriers causes disturbances. Disturbance affects it the most because what happens is it hit the water and that is what makes waves strong or weak. Also the stronger the disturbance the bigger the wave.

Why might these buoys be helpful to meteorologists, cities on the coast (seaside), boatsmen, you...?  
They are helpful because the show when the wave is coming. If it is up that means its coming toward the shore. They also help because they help collect data for that body of water.

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