Sunday, March 25, 2012

WOW!! Space Travel!!!

O.M.G, you may be saying "this is so inapropraite for a school blog", but you will understand once you find out a spanish company in barcelona has created a luxiours "four hour excrusion" to about three times higher than commercialed planes (it goes to 118,000 ft, equivilent to twenty two miles). It takes about one hour to get to the altitued that the aircraft is flying to. Then the passengers spend a few hours cruising around and enjoying the view, considering the fact that the aircraft has a 360 degree view of Earth. While they are cruising they get to eat a enjoyable meal and then after that is when, in my opinion, the best part starts! They get to choose the amount of gravity on them, they can choose zero, lunar, or the same amount of gravity that they have on mars! However, it only can last 25 seconds :(

   I really think one day for wealthy people this will be a great activiy for them to do. They will get to experiance wonderful acivities and REALLY get to see our Earth. Up until now they would have had a narrow, and small view of the Earth, now they can see the big picture. I would really like to do this one day, although I doubt it. But hopefully I will one day!!!!!!!!!!! This is one of the coolest articles I read as a current event! Its super cool and really interesting. And for everyone out there who thinks science is a waste of time. I bet you have nothing to say now to this super cool balloon!!!!! amazing!

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