Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Volcano Project Reflection

At school we had a volcano project where we had to study a specific volcano and we also had partners, my partners were Mira and Maryam. I think that we did pretty well, we had a good video with many interesting facts about Mt. Vesuvius. I think that our presentation was not missing anything, except maybe we could have made it a little more serious than funny. I think that for our grade that we should get a 5/6 because I think that we do not deserve a 6 because our actual talking par6t in front of the class rather than the video was a little but unrehearsed. What I learned about volcanoes is that there are different types and that Mt. St. Helen is not in Europe, but in the state Washington. The affect people who live near them because usually volcanoes bring good tourism and also fertile soil around volcanoes. They affect the world because when a volcano erupts there is ash in the air and then people cqn not fly there or fly through it so then people can not travel through that rout.

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